Sunday, February 2, 2014

to say goodbye is to die a little

i'm tearing up, across your face. move dust through the light, to find your name. 
it's something faint, this is not a place. not yet awake, i'm raised of wake. 
still alive who you love. 
- perth, bon iver


it will tell you
all the reasons
we love
but let me tell you
the truth: loneliness
is keeping the species

love is just 
a symptom.

"i have been easy with trees too long
too familiar with mountains.
joy has been a habit
now suddenly 
this rain."

jack gilbert, rain

Thursday, December 6, 2012

magic makes sense to me.

i was sleeping, my eyes were dark til' you woke me and told me that opening is just the start; it was. 
now i see you, till kingdom come you're the one i want, to see me for all the stupid shit i've done.
- three rounds and a sound, blind pilot


the golden sun streaming in waves, 
your smile - it spreads slowly, 
it spreads from your heart 
to your lungs 
to your throat 
to your mouth. 
your slow smile - it spreads 
to my heart. 
and so,
i want to hold
your misery in my hand - 
- crush it to pieces - 
- feed it to our dog - 
- no we don't got a dog yet. 
but we will. 
and the golden sun streaming in waves 
will wash us ashore.
smile slowly. always.

next few days:
01. rain 02. gre studying 03. hot spiced apple cider 04. christmas music 05.job searching 
06. one hundred years of solitude