Saturday, November 13, 2010

you could break a bone, or a heart

in the waters tracing features, did they scare hardened creatures?
in that murky green reflection, did they warn you of dissection?
- turtle island, beach house


it seeped in,
(through the chimney?
the window left ajar?)
it sat at the table, unseen,
we had dinner at eight;
it sat between us
pronounced an expiration date.

i’m a far more flawed human being than you realize. my sickness is a lot worse than you think:
it has deeper roots. and that’s why i want you to go on ahead of me if you can. don’t wait for me.
sleep with other girls if you want to. don’t let thoughts of me hold you back...
i don’t want to interfere with your life. i don’t want to interfere with anybody’s life.
like i said before, i want you to come to see me every once in a while,
and always remember me. that’s all i want.
- Haruki Murakami, norwegian wood